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Ink spills the thread, spreading Staining,                                            lineage.   I could blink and it would be gone   Hear that clear ringing? A tone crisp enough to pierce the film that keeps us clean in- side. Birds call, but not like this. In body ready to move, to pounce an eye on the lines, […]

  Crumbs dissolve on my tongue like Té with Tía Alina in the low sun. Inside, the gooey filling brings me to the apple pies mama stopped making after I turned eleven. Still in my mouth, the chalkiness takes me back to Cochabamba mornings, listening to the chattering voices and wheezing cars as the crowded […]

Night of Cultura

A woman shrieks in the dead of night. A man strumming on his guitar offsets a serenade of melodic voices. Cussing intervenes the music as drugs are dealt. This is Night of Cultura at UCLA. In 2004, a group of Latina/o students came together to establish a creative space for the expression and celebration of […]


America, I was created by a woman Who suffered through third grade not knowing a word of English And by a man who fell off his parent’s car port trying to shoot his cousin with a plastic gun– A five-year old cowboy   I grew up with Ella and Miles, And Radio Disney I grew […]