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The Heart of El Sereno

  Sandwiched between the Here and Now and Mundo’s Furniture Upholstery, lies Eastside Café, an autonomous organization founded 15 years ago in the city of El Sereno. Eastside Café’s heart beats not solely for monetary profit but to internally serve those who seek to dedicate themselves to providing services for the community and those who […]

The Ladder of Hope Through the Eyes of an Immigrant

It’s easy to vocalize our artistic ideas but it’s even harder to make these ideas become a reality, no matter how large-scale they may be. Therefore, I crave to hear those stories of struggle, like that of Crescendo screenwriter/director Alonso Alvarez-Barreda-in which one is not driven by success or appearances but rather their own will […]

Growing Up Brown

Brown. The color of dirt. The color of the mud that falls after a hard rain. The color of an old rusty object. The color of that unwanted crayon you used to leave in your coloring box. To put quite bluntly, the color of waste. Although harsh sounding in its depiction, I could find no […]