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As a child of Mexican immigrants, I grew up culturally Catholic. But since I couldn’t find Him there, I decided to seek Him for myself. I never lost faith in God and after years of searching, I finally found peace in Islam. Even though I was extremely content with my new religion I felt lonely […]

Sentado en un Arbol Caído

Sentado en un Arbol Caído is a play based on the testimonio of Jesús Tecú Osorio, one of the survivors of the massacre in Rio Negro, Rabinal, Guatemala. This massacre was one of five massacres planned and carried out in 1982 by the Guatemalan military as a means to “evict”, more like exterminate, the villagers […]

Fusion Food for a Fusion City

I am one of those always-hungry college students, so I awaited excitedly for my tamale and for the truck to sputter into the parking spot where I stood. Obviously, this is not a restaurant, but a food truck. And I was not waiting for an ordinary tamale, but a Chinese tamale known as a chimale, made […]

Vendedor Jose’s

Back in mid-September, I decided to visit my parents in South Central, L.A. for the weekend. Feeling hungry after finally getting home, I headed straight for the kitchen and was surprised by all of the fresh and delicious looking produce they’d bought: organic nectarines, strawberries, and blueberries to name a few. Knowing that blueberries are […]

Connecting to Her Ancestors through Art

Artist Ana Ruth Castillo was born in Los Angeles in 1982 to Guatemalan parents, economic refugees during the civil wars of the 1970s. She grew up in various parts of LA such as Inglewood, Southbay, and eventually graduated from high school in South Central. At six years old, she had the opportunity to visit Guatemala.