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Dia de Los Muertos: Self Help Graphics

A Día de Los Muertos Celebration was hosted by Self Help Graphics & Art, located on East 1st Street in Boyle Heights. Along with vendors and face painting, there was musical entertainment and altars. Little shops were set up to sell many Día de Los Muertos themed clothes and trinkets, while food vendors sold various things, […]

Dia de Los Muertos: Placita Olvera

The Dia de Los Muertos celebration at Placita Olvera took place from October 25 through November 2. During this time, there were candlelit Novenario processions every night with free pan dulce and champurrado offered at the end. On the actual Day of the Dead, hundreds of people were able to enjoy face painting, Aztec dancers, folklorico, […]

LA brewery brings Latino inspired flavors to beer

As Latinos, we are used to spicy and savory foods. Even beverages, ranging from aguas frescas to margaritas, are full of flavor. Yet, in regards to the beers we enjoy, there is a serious lack in flavor variety. The most popular beers among Latino populations in the U.S. are Tecate, Corona, Dos Equis, Carta Blanca, […]

Tres Poemas

XIV. Letrada emoción que no significa nada por que no es acción. Imposible conquistar ningún fervor con algún verbo. Esto no es poesía, es solo un simple gesto sin gesto, o tal ves, Un silencio sentimiento. No hay revolución para dar a luz un sentimiento. Hombre, qué me tienes guardado? Nada, nada. No me dice […]

November: No PC for AZ

Dear Arizona Republicans, I wanted to discuss your decision regarding the election of Russell Pearce as Senate president. It’s such a relief to know that Senator Pearce will be running the chamber for the next two years for the following reasons: NONE. Congratulations. We are all painfully aware of Senator Pearce’s perennial fight to pass […]