Emo Cultura en México

We live in a world where trends, fashion, music and popular culture are constantly changing. When you’re living in the U.S. it’s often easy to forget how the rest of the world might react to these nuances. I’m thinking of, specifically, emo culture among youth and the problematic issues that arise when it’s adopted and observed outside of the U.S.

Emos, from what I’ve gathered, are made up of young guys and girls who listen to screamo music, wear dark clothing and makeup, and may even commit self-harm. While there are certainly large amounts of youth who still identify as emo, it begs the question: how does race fit into a culture such as this one? In particular, how do Mexicans fit into this nontraditional sphere?

In 2008, there was a violent backlash against the emo youth in México. In Querétaro, México at Plaza de Armas, there was a gathering of those opposed to the emo culture and who felt they needed to eliminate the Mexican emos by hurting and mocking them in this public demonstration. Read more