Small Business Check

By: Nayeli Velarde

The increasing appeal of small businesses is a side effect of the pandemic that not many saw coming. This past year was filled with extreme sacrifices and our ways of life were completely changed, yet many people saw this as an opportunity to work on amazing projects. With the one year anniversary of the pandemic shutdown right around the corner, I believe it is important to highlight some of these small businesses. Here’s a list of 5 of my favorite small businesses that I believe you should support this Valentine’s Day!

XXL Scrunchie (ig: xxl.scrunchie)

XXL Scrunchie is famously known for their gigantic scrunchies which give a fun twist to the hair classic. This small business was founded by Tina Nguyen, a mural artist who initially made the XXL Scrunchie as a Christmas gift for a family member. With more than 131,000 followers and 2.9 million likes on TikTok, Tina has now expanded her small business worldwide! Go check out their new Valentine’s Day collection which features satin reds and petal pinks! Head over to their TikTok to see the behind the scenes of how the collection came to be! 

Petal’tique (ig: petaltique)

Petal’tique crafts gorgeous bouquets with intricate Korean-inspired wrappings. Ranging from carnations to roses to custom orders, Petal’tique’s bouquets are definitely made to impress and recipients are never disappointed. With over 13,600 followers on Instagram, this small business located in the Los Angeles/Orange County area is sure to keep on thriving. Make sure to pre-order that special someone a handcrafted bouquet to complete your Valentine’s Day surprise!

San Diego Strawberry (ig: sandiegostrawberry)

As a San Diego native, San Diego Strawberry is my go-to small business for any of my berry needs. This Valentine’s season, they are offering Lovers heart boxes, berry boxes with red roses, bear breakables, and heart breakables. The majority of San Diego Strawberry’s treats also come with customization options in order to cater to your specific needs! Head over and support a home-based business and get some yummy treats while you are at it. No matter what you get, San Diego Strawberry will certainly be a special gift for your loved one.

Siren Store (ig: sirenstoreuk)

Based in the United Kingdom, Siren Store offers beautifully crafted candles that are sustainable, vegan, and plastic free. The founders Holly and Hannah are best friends who originate from Australia, and their mission is to make sure everyone feels included by their brand. These candles are made to pay homage to an inclusive array of bodies and are offered in many decadent colors. Their Valentine’s Day collection features gorgeous pink and red toned candles, but don’t miss out on their V-Day-esque cards which are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Artelexia (ig: Artelexia)

Artelexia is a Mexican gift shop which is located in the heart of San Diego. Although you can shop their products via their website, visiting their shop is a delightful experience. Their bright and fun inventory ranges from picturesque home decor to Mexican snacks, each item carefully curated by the owner Elexia de la Parra. Make sure to check out their shop if you plan to purchase any Valentine’s Day goodies! I recommend taking a look at their V-Day cards since they are absolutely adorable and creative!

This Valentine’s Season, consider supporting a small business. Remember that by shopping small you are directly impacting someone’s life in a positive way. Your business means the world to them!