Through Deaf Ears

Samantha Dudley’s Bone Conduction hearing aid circa 1993.

 Imagine waking up solely from the sun beating through your window rather than from the beeping of an alarm clock.  The sunlight indicating for you to get up because, well the suns up and you may have overslept. Imagine going into your kitchen to get yourself a cup of coffee and only seeing yourself get the glass and pour the hot drink. Now imagine yourself sipping your coffee, as the rest of your family comes into the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. It looks like a dance really, figures of people shuffling about with mere skipped feet movements here and there; A body folds to the left with a twirl of their hand pointing where someone should sit, arms graciously taking food to the table and lips moving. Imagine now, not hearing the words coming out of those lips, only the faint sounds of a cabinet door slam or a foot stomping or the vibrations of a chair sliding across the kitchen floor. This ladies and gentlemen is what mornings look like through deaf ears. Read more