Vegetarian No More!

April 24, Easter Sunday, was the last day of Lent, a day I’ve been looking forward to since I promised to give up meat 40 days before.  I am vegetarian no more!

What did I break my Lent with?  My mother’s cooking.  I requested a traditional Jalisiciense mole with orange rice.

Red Mole with Orange Rice

Usually, participation in Lent results in a lesson learned.  I learned to choose healthier options, to be creative with my vegetables, and that sometimes, options are limited for vegetarians in Latino communities.

Even though I am not vegetarian, I would like to incorporate vegetarian reviews in my regular reviews and advocate for vegetarian options to restaurant when none are not available.

Con Amor,
La Boquisabrosa

La Boquisabrosa’s Update: Is she still a vegetarian?

Hello Food Lovers,

I am back from spring break and writing about what I love: food. However, before I embark on this task, I want to give you an update about my journey of vegetarianism during Lent.  Since March 9, I have been meat-free.

So you may ask, what are your staple foods?

I am not limited on food options as a vegetarian; everyday I try to cook new dishes.  Some of my consistent dishes include: herb rice, potatoes, asparagus, Margherite pizza, nachos, quesadillas, and more.

How many days do I have left?
16 days, then I will return slowly to my regular diet.

Being vegetarian has not been easy, even though I have done this for the past 5 years during lent.  My next blog article will be on the Latino definition of “vegetarian” and came about through certain experience that made it difficult to be vegetarian with my family. I continue to remain strong during these moments and will do so for the next 16 days.

Con amor,

La Boquisabrosa

Here is some food that I made.

La Boquisabrosa Becomes Meatless for Lent

In observance of Lent, I personally vowed to give up meat for 40 days. Today is my fifth day. My future blog post will feature vegetarian-friendly restaurants.  It will be a challenge for me to be meatless since I love meat, but, I will embrace the alternative lifestyle that many live by.
If any of you are vegetarian or just love vegetarian food, can you lend a helping hand by recommending which restaurants I should review? Please email me at [email protected] with the recommendations or any questions you have about my blog.  I always look forward to your recommendations.

Con amor,

La Boquisabrosa

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