Editor’s Note

Angela Vargas


Dear Gentista,

This quarter was one where the staff dug deep and thought of the ways we navigate amor y el dolor. This has been an ongoing conversation we’ve held in our meetings for over a year now. We consistently are reminded that the things we love are never simple. The complexities in the way we love are what make us human.

We thought about our childhood and how at first glance it is very simple to look back and feel nostalgic. We tend to see the past with rose-colored glasses and quickly forget that our past holds both love and pain. It is perfectly valid to look back and praise what we used to love. However, it is also important to be critical of the things we once loved. This allows us to move forward and progress towards relationships that love us more deeply, towards media that represents us more fairly, and towards self-love that allows us to thrive.

As we close out our 49th year, there are many things to love. We love the way our founders created a safe space for Chicanx students in the 70s. We love the way past editors made the important move of expanding the magazine to Latinx students in general and not just Chicanxs, a move that is critical in creating inclusive spaces. We love this space because we can consistently critique it and aim to make it better. You have to love something enough to want to change it towards being a better version of itself. Future generations have plenty of work ahead. However, we hope that the passion that lives within our tiny office and virtual calls continues to be the force that pushes La Gente ahead.

To the staff: you are all “love” if it were personified. Your care and passion in creating important and valuable content is something that will always be special. It’s been my greatest pleasure serving as your EIC this year. Entre el amor y el dolor, recuerdo que el amor y el querer es lo que nos junta.

De nosotros con amor,

Angela Vargas

EIC 2020-2021