institutionalized molding

A system that was historically intended to mold you into another factory worker.

A system that humiliates you by forcing you to implicitly re-enact the murder of your ancestors every November… by dressing you up as the Indian or the Pilgrim.

Or by making you rebuild what your ancestors built years ago to later be enslaved and forcefully Christianized in those same buildings they called Missions.

A system that cared more about whether you were wearing your uniform than about the classes you were` failing.

A system where your history teacher could sit back, read the newspaper all day, and run to be a school board member anyway.

A system that forces you to invest time in material that is completely irrelevant to your history or culture.


A system that makes you hate yourself.

A system that makes those who don’t get “admitted”, feel worthless.

A system that makes you feel guilty for sleeping 7 hours during “midterm season.”

A system that fills you with self-disgust as you walk out of that exam.

A system full of corrupt incentives.

Ones that push you to graduate to survive when all you want to do is fulfill your mind.


A system that makes you believe you are in a privileged position for being closer to the man.

A system that shoves information into your head to be coded there until tenth week.

A system that you need to exploit in order to take back all that was exploited from your own community.

A system not that different from a prison

Or a factory

Or the military

A system called school.

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