Chile Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage: A Progressive Development for Latin America

On December 9th of 2021, Chile officially legalized same-sex…
image of title "the act of not coming out: aueer resistance to heteronormativity

The Act of Not Coming Out: Queer Resistance to Heteronormativity

I came out before I realized that I did not need to come out.

Latino Student Finds Safe Space at UCLA

At home, Justin puts sexuality aside and convinces his family that he is heterosexual, but at UCLA he is most comfortable expressing himself and sharing a part of him that he has not been able to do at home.

The Struggle We All Share

The gay community is one founded on diversity. It is a segment of every community, whether it is a religious, national, or ethnic community. So why does the queer community often neglect other groups, like the Latino community.

Latino LGBTQ groups seek to educate and advocate for the community

Honor Political Action Committee (PAC) and Honor Fund were…