7 Comments Commuters Are Tired of Hearing

This piece was written by Kimberly Soriano and Roxana Martinez.


  1. “At least you’re saving money…”

       Response: Umm no, I’m still broke.

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  1. “That’s not thaaat bad…”

       Response: Oh, really? Is your walk to the dorms worse?



  1. “Lucky, at least you get your mom’s food….”

        Response: Not all moms cook.



  1. “I wish I can be home all the time”

        Response: Between our bus commute and our time on campus, we’re almost never home.



  1. “Why don’t you get a car?”

         Response: Yeah, because I have that kind of money just laying there.



6. “Save me a seat in class!” -the student who lives on campus



  1. “At least you don’t have to pay rent.”

        Response: Some students have the privilege of not having to pay rent and others do not have that      privilege and pay rent at home.



In conclusion: commuters are tired, hungry, and sleepy, so feed us and stop asking for annoying favors or justifying our long trip home!


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