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Racism in Reproductive Health

  The United States is notorious for perpetuating inequality against minorities and creating an atmosphere that is so hostile that many are unable to seek basic medical attention. Such inequalities are prevalent in reproductive health where many are denied their reproductive rights including the right to reproduce, the right to affordable medical treatments, and the […]

Lo Que te Diría if I Knew How

Whenever I argue with my grandma the same conversation occurs: “pero abuela, ¡los tiempos han cambiado!”   “no. los tiempos no cambian. uno cambia, pero todos los días son iguales: cada día el sol sube y baja.”   Is she right? I always chose to believe that time could change, but I never questioned how.  In the […]

Altering the Standard

In a capitalist society, companies adopt differing values to distinguish and establish themselves within niche communities. The fashion industry is no exception—leading some companies to prioritize uniqueness, quality, and net profit.