Comunidad Profiles: Community Rights Campagin

Community Rights Campaign, Los Angeles

The Community Rights Campaign tells it like it is and calls out the systematic oppression that tries to hold back our Black and Brown youth.

The Community Rights Campaign is organizing in L.A. high schools and among L.A.’s 500,000 low-income bus riders to build campaigns. The campaigns push back the growing police/prison state and push forward an expanded social welfare state. They also push back the police/prisons/punishment approach to organizing society and push forward a resources/reparations/redistribution approach.

“When I first organized at Roosevelt High School, they caught my attention when they were running a workshop on truancy tickets and started to discuss the school to prison pipeline. After that workshop I kept getting involved because CRC was my first exposure to politics and also to black and brown solidarity.” – Cindy Castro, Community Organizer.

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