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¡AYOTZINAPA RESISTE!: State Sanctioned Violence and Indigenous Resistance

Above photo credit to Al Jazeera Media Network This article is a collaboration between La Gente staff writers, Maritza Geronimo and Kristian Vasquez. Este es México. La de este país es una historia de equivocaciones. Pero hasta ahora, siempre de los que equivocan son ellos y nosotros [Indígenas] somos la equivocación y quien la paga. […]

Reflections from Election Day 2016

Photo by Mitchell Haindfield.  Within a few hours, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. La Gente’s staff reflects on their initial reactions to Trump’s unexpected victory.   Kassandra Aldana I’ll be honest: I cried. It wasn’t so much for myself, but it was for the millions who live […]

Press Release: Statewide Strike of the University of California to Impact Students and Public

Below is a press release of the University of California workers strike that is taking place today on the Los Angeles and San Diego UC campuses. The workers, who are represented by Teamsters Local 2010, are protesting unfair labor practice violations. UC workers held a similar demonstration in November protesting insufficient wage increases.

Comunidad Profiles: Community Rights Campagin

Community Rights Campaign, Los Angeles The Community Rights Campaign tells it like it is and calls out the systematic oppression that tries to hold back our Black and Brown youth. The Community Rights Campaign is organizing in L.A. high schools and among L.A.’s 500,000 low-income bus riders to build campaigns. The campaigns push back the […]


Youth of color are targeted and portrayed as misguided youth who need to be under surveillance. The act of criminality is racialized, thus targeting Black and Brown youth. A place where a student’s knowledge and success should be fostered and supported has become a place where students are criminalized and targeted. School districts utilize suspensions, […]


No ifs, ands or buts about it. No pretext, no qualifiers, no asterisks. Let us simply acknowledge the fact that UCLA is racist. For anyone who takes issue with this statement, may I remind you of the absolute shit-show we refer to as campus climate at UCLA. In my past four years here, I have […]


On January 17, 2014, three members of La Gente’s original staff came to speak to current staff members. Sam Paz, Josie Alavarez, and Laura “Woody” Rangel spoke of the past struggles and accomplishments of La Gente’s inception. Due to a lack of outlets for Latin@ sensitive articles, student activists created their own Latin@ newspaper, La […]