Existe un Árbol…

El Árbol de Chichihuacuauhco

Visual by: Jowen Scarlet Escobar

My ancestors, los Aztecas, believed that there are four places the dead can transcend to. El Árbol de Chichihuacuauhco, a nursing tree, is the designated place for unborn babies. This tree provides babies with breasts to suckle on—nourishing and caring for them. There are many reasons why a baby may not have had the initial chance to live: miscarriage, drug exposure in utero, pre-maturity, and so forth. Once upon a time, my temachtiani (“teacher” in Nahuatl) informed me that babies have the opportunity to be reborn whether it be through a loved one or simply at a later time. Do not fear. I share this in hopes of providing you with a blanket of security and peace—to let you know that this situation is not uncommon. Free the pain buried within you. Free yourself, for they are safe here.

Existe un árbol.


Existe el árbol de Chichihuacuauhco

Una luz de esperanza.

Un pedazo de seguridad.

Te invito.

Ya lo has encontrado.

Por alguna razón, has buscado y buscado.

Día y noche, has buscado una respuesta,

Algo para consolar tus sentimientos de culpa, confusión, desesperación.

Hasta aquí llegaste…

Y aquí, eres bienvenido.

Más allá, hay un lugar especialmente para esa vida.

No hay que preocuparse. 

No hay que llorar.

No hay que lamentar.

No hay que cuestionar.

No hay que culparse.

Ya no hay que sufrir.

There exists a tree. 


There is such tree named Chichihuacuauhco

A ray of hope.

A piece of security.

I invite you,

For you have now found it.

For some reason, you have searched far and wide,

Day and night you’ve searched for an answer.

Something to console your feelings of guilt, confusion, despair.

You’ve made it here…

And here, you are welcome.

Somewhere beyond, exists a place for that life.

No need to worry.

No need to cry.

No need to regret.

No need to question.

No need to blame.

No need to suffer, anymore.