for Rush Limbaugh, before appearing live on FOX

let me tell you about something dirty, something delightful:

Rush Limbaugh, when I give him my entire body:
takes me by warming torso
into him like a piercing light
my eyelids shut and yes,
I bit it on the couch and his juices
drip like candle wax on the mantel place
soft glow, the sound moans,
tender trailing my fingers over the hills of his chest, Rush
Limbaugh, rise, became one with the bones glowing from my chest
for writers and intellects my spine savors for – tu boca mi amor, sabor en
colores diferentes, calienta como un volcan, mi changuito
respiro tu calor –

and there I was,
I ran back down that pale chest so that his hand outlining my neck
pulls my hair and his belly
and balls relax right before I press my chin onto
his sizzling zipper, blow softly, loosen his belt with my teeth
trace his heat
from my chin to the tip of my trembling upper
lip and I wide open slide I’m speaking,
“I’ll sacrifice for you”
he, “I’ll support you”
“I’ll protect you”
“my slave”
“sucking everything”
“my universe”—
“You see, folks, we live in the greatest country on earth.  We have an incredible history, a great,
great story.  And our mission in this series is to tell that story.  To tell the story of the American
founding in a very relatable way so that the young reader can really get to know the exceptional
patriots, the people who made this country possible.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime experiment in
how human beings organize and manage themselves politically, socially, economically as a
population of a single nation.  It was never tried before.  It is miraculous.  I love this country.  I
wish everybody did.  I hope everybody will.  And that is one of the many reasons for the Rush
Revere series.”

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