Jose Ramirez Art Exhibition at Zona Rosa


Artist and Educator, Jose Ramirez, is exhibiting 33 of his paintings until November 15 in the Zona Rosa Coffee shop located in Pasadena. If you visit the exhibition, you may even be lucky enough to catch Ramirez outside the coffee shop selling more of his art with a table filled of vibrant prints and magnets.


Zona Rosa Coffee is currently honoring Día de los Muertos with creations by Ramirez and other artists, along with a community altar.  Thus, the petite two story coffee shop is splashed with color and tradition, offering more than just good coffee and beautiful paintings.  


Many of Ramirez’s paintings honor Los Angeles people and culture and provoke critical thought about conditions in this city. One of Ramirez’s featured paintings is titled Greening LA.  This piece shows a garden growing at the foot of the Los Angeles skyline.  It alludes to another of Ramirez’s passions, which is gardening.


Stay tuned for more on Ramirez and his art of gardening. Meanwhile, make sure to visit his exhibition in Zona Rosa Coffee before November 15!

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