Obama to visit El Salvador

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President Barack Obama will visit El Salvador on March 22 and 23 to discuss immigration and the spread of Mexico’s drug violence  with President Mauricio Funes.

While El Salvador is Central America’s smallest country, U.S. policy makers need to consider the rise of violence and drug trafficking to El Salvador’s neighbors Honduras and Guatemala. With one of the highest murder rates in Central America, El Salvador has pleaded with the U.S. for aid.

El Salvador’s economy currently relies on remittances sent from the millions of Salvadoreans working in the United States. According to a Washington Post article, El Salvador’s foreign minister Hugo Martinez stated that investing in the local communities of migrants would offer alternatives to out-migration.

Notorious Drug Leader Killed:“Tony Tormenta” dies in a storm of police gunfire

Cardenas-Guillen a.k.a. "Tommy Tormenta"

Leader of the Gulf cartel, Ezequiel Cardenas Guillén, better known as “Tony Tormenta,” died in a shootout near the US-Mexican border on Nov. 5. The US State Department offered a $5 billion reward to anyone who had a lead on the whereabouts of one of Mexico’s most wanted. The Gulf cartel, which controls trafficking from Mexico to Central America is responsible for the shipments of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs across the US border.