Yuri’s Records Hold Intimate Summer Show

On August 31st, Yuri’s Records hosted its annual chalk contest and in-store performances of local bands to celebrate the local talent in the South East Los Angeles area.

Yuri’s has opened their doors to many local bands during their monthly showcase for the last two years.

“There is so much talent in South Gate. Even the cities that are neighboring us, they have so much talent but they have nowhere to play,” said Jacquie Farfan, owner of Yuri’s Records. “Especially groups that are younger that can’t play at bars. This is a free event where everyone is welcomed to come in.”

Alongside local performances, Yuri’s also showcases artists through their art galleries and opportunities like the chalk contest. These events are part of a larger plan to reopen the Allen Theatre for these public presentations. The Allen Theatre, located right next to Yuri’s, was primarily a movie theatre and turned to a venue for rock concerts. It has been closed for over seven years with no notice of opening soon.

“We’ve also organized, trying to bring what we are doing here back to the Allen,” said Farfan.

Throughout the hot Sunday evening, four local bands played for a small crowd inside the intimate record store. But, the overbearing heat did not stop the audience from dancing and hanging out with the band members.

“In South Gate there’s not many entertainment options, so the fact that they have this is great. There’s something for all ages,” said April Jimenez, from The Honey Tones.

With the support of small stores like Yuri’s, local bands are able to flourish and gain more attention.

“It’s always cool to have a music scene,” said Jonathan Rivera, from Curly Bear. “It’s a good outlet for me to play and for people to see other bands that are coming around. Not just go to Staple Center and see The Black Keys and shit. It’s cool. It’s alive and it’s happening.”

The bands that performed were: Paper Sails, The Honey Tones, Curly Bear, and Sun Craves. Like Yuri’s Records on Facebook for updates!

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