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Mariachi and More: Mariachi Uclatán

The legacy of Mariachi Uclatlán is deeply rooted in the cultural history of UCLA and is currently under the artistic direction of Jesus “Chuy” Guzman, Grammy-Award winning artistic director of the renowned Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano.

El Vuh

El Vuh, comprised of Victor E, E-rise, and Zero, is an independent hip-hop group based in Los Angeles, California. Their sophomore release, “Elvuhlution,” brings illuminating rhymes based on the philosophy of the Mexica and Maya people prior the Conquest.

DREAMers: Taking the Reins of their Cause

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One group that has changed dramatically since past immigration battles – with help from the growing influence of social networking – are the so-called “DREAMers”: undocumented youth who would benefit from the proposed DREAM Act. The act would form part of a plan for comprehensive immigration reform, and has also been proposed as an independent bill.

Morning Glory

Nonchalantly resting in one hand, A quarter and two dimes. The other in full demand— A warm breakfast in no time. Soft music aims to woo, Newspaper at a perfect angle, A bite mark or two, Deforms the once impeccable bagel. Delicately dabbing his lips, Trades the paper for the phone. Beaming, takes another sip, […]

Upground: East LA Band

For a crowd of curious students, some devoted fans, and one or two skaters who had the guts to show how the music made them feel, Upground performed an amazing set at UCLA’s Worldfest 2009.