El Vuh

El Vuh, comprised of Victor E, E-rise, and Zero, is an independent hip-hop group based in Los Angeles, California.  Their sophomore release, “Elvuhlution,” brings illuminating rhymes based on the philosophy of the Mexica and Maya people prior the Conquest. Named after the post-classic Mayan “Book of the Community,” thePopol Vuh, El Vuh, believes in passing history and knowledge to future generations through their music, releasing wisdom and consciousness that is rarely heard in mainstream hip-hop music today.

El Vuh uses hip-hop to inspire and educate while challenging us to live up to our responsibilities to family and community. Combining English, Spanish, and Nahualt, their powerful music reminds us that the culture and history of Chicanos goes beyond the hostile takeover of Mexican lands and the imposition of foreign languages like English or Spanish.Nahualt words and concepts remind today’s generation of a philosophy that dates back centuries, and of traditions that need to preserved.

For example, in “Red Road Warriors,” El Vuh urges us to “stay moving, like ollin, flowing. My soul sings with life and light, which sol brings. I know things ain’t right throughout these countries: corrupted officials killing young seeds. But we, the people, outnumber their guns.” Additionally, the track encourages a shift from “street pandilleros” to “eagle guerreros”—as a denouncement of gang violence—while also urging us to retain our language and customs, declaring that our lengua “is the gold and that the Spanish never stole.” style=”margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; “>

In “Native Sisters,” El Vuh pays tribute to the women in our community, expressing respect while apologizing for prior transgressions. The song is particularly extended to las madres solteras and the guerrilleras who persevere and struggle for wellbeing of their family.

Armed with the triumphs, accomplishments, and crimes that surround the centuries, El Vuh lays out what we all should know. Are you listening?

For more information, and to watch the video codex, visit www.elvuh.com and myspace.com/elvuh.

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