Burn It Down

Illustration by: Karina Arenas

CW: Violence, Self-Loathing, Animal Death


Burn it down

Burn it to the fucking ground

Let the ashes of yesterday wash away as the heavens mourn for all that is lost and all that is made

As I journey through the forest of introspection, I see it all through various perceptions

Perspectives from my former selves that still dwell within this cursed land


I stared at the pitch black sky and wondered why the stars have faded

I looked up and slowly watched as the heavens grew dimmer

A rustling behind me, I sensed that it was one of many of the God forsaken sinners that haunt this space


As I turned around, a murder of crows looked into my soul and fused as one

As I realized who it was, I froze and immediately felt tears flow

Tears of sorrow, tears of rage, tears for when I allowed you to let my soul decay

Regret for all of those that you forced me to push away


I reached in my pocket and found an obsidian knife

I charged and cut deep, but this crow was not ready to lose its life

Slash after slash and cut after cut, the murder dispersed and as my rage created flames,

None of you bastards managed to escape


But still, my journey continued as I walked through the valley of trees

Frightened by how the beauty of this forest has been replaced by misshapen branches and discolored leaves

As the journey progressed, I stopped for a drink

However, the blood of this forest is now much like this dried up creek


As I painfully reached in for droplets to quench my thirst,

I sensed another evil presence, one who has a widespread curse

I looked up above me in the trees and spotted the silhouette of an ape

One who has absorbed enough darkness so that there are no more distinguishing traits


I call it out by its name, and it swooped down from the trees

Although I could not see its eyes, I could sense it looking right through me

I froze as it began to mock me and imitate my every move

And all I could ask myself was, do I look like this too?


As insecurity began to flood my mind, I dropped to the floor, and it dragged me to the edge of the creek

Before my eyes’ murky water began to fill this empty abyss

As I began to see my reflection, I once again felt your kiss

Disgusted by the sight I had seen I closed my eyes, yet your comments continued to persist


However, eventually having enough, I demanded you be dismissed

I stood up and turned around, and without thinking, I tackled you to the ground

As I overpowered you, you began to shrink 

But before I could adjust my grip, you slipped away faster than I could blink


As you escaped into the trees 

I knew what had to be done

I pulled out a match and dropped it onto the dry and barren grass

Let the flames run rampant so that you have nowhere to hide, may the inferno cause you to depart from this life


As I walked away from the flames and moved deeper into the forest, 

I began to sense the greatest of all evils that curse this realm

I began to move slower and slower to remained undetected

However, I knew eventually you would sense our strong connection


As I stared back up at the night sky hoping for guidance,

You pounced from the shadows and dug your claws deep

“Wasn’t that impressive?” You proudly asked as you began your narcissistic speech


As your voice grew louder and louder, my ears started to bleed

Prideful lion, always so eager to take the lead

For you are the ruler of this forest and I can never amount to what you want me to be

Yet your speech rambled on filled with lies and deceit


I realized that you were just a mere cat caught up in the heat

We wrestled, and I managed to get you off of me

And when you readied yourself to pounce once more

I dodged, you missed, and when I saw the look on your face, I knew you were pissed

How could a mighty lion like you fail to attack its prey?


Pounce after pounce, I managed to evade every single attack

As you exhausted yourself, I could see your eyes fade to black

As you began to weaken, my knife turned into a spear

I launched it while you were dazed, and I purged you from my inner fears


As you struggled to take your last breath, you boasted about how you will never allow me to retake my place

And as your life began to fade, your body suddenly was set ablaze

Consumed in your pride, your anger at your failures caused you to die


As I neared the end of my journey, I looked back and felt the power of the conflagration

Rid this forest of all dark energy that has corrupted its former self

I looked up at the sky and saw the cosmos begin to relight

Suddenly three orbs zoomed across the sky


As I entered the cave that separates my reality from ours,

I was greeted by three noble beasts


Oh mighty phoenix

You have risen from the ashes and found a new purpose

May your resilience and fiery soul revive this forest to what it once was

And allow the sun and stars to once again shine so bright


Oh harmonious chimp

You have turned your insecurity into confidence

May your expressive and emotional soul revive this forests spiritual connection

And revive the animals which had roamed these lands before it was conquered by the wicked


Oh ferocious jaguar

You have turned your pride into valor

May your fighting spirit revive this forest and restore its great power

Protect our lands from ever once again turning sour


So let it burn

Burn it all down

Burn it all to the fucking ground


Let every ounce of darkness fade until it is incapable of rebound

And once its over, let the rain wash away every bit of flame

Never again will darkness have this forest to claim

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