Canciones Chingonas Para El Espiritu Revolucionario ~Hechas Por Mujeres~

The following list was made to give space to mujeres that are not often recognized in the music scene. These songs are meant to inspire people into consciousness about the troubles and beauty around us. These lyrics and musical creations are important as they differentiate from the often harmful or male dominated messages given in today’s music scene and demonstrate that music can, in fact, be revolutionary.




  1.  Alais Clay – “Coals Into Diamonds” (Video)

“I know my heart is ready. My aim is steady. In the book of time I ascribed my name already. You can’t help it once you finally hear the call to rise up and add to the writing on the wall. The tapestry of humankind, animal kind. An epic tale of struggle and love overtime. Passed on and living deep in your mind and if you truly seek you shall find it.”


  1.  Alais Clay – “Never Gonna Hush Us” (Video)

Yo there’s devils responsible for conflict. There in our churches, our school and tour governments. The EMA and FDA they’re running it.They tried to disconnect us but we run with it…”




  1.      Ana Tijoux – “La Rosa de Los Vientos” (Video)

 Si yo he nacido afuera estoy bien orgullosa. Si tengo sangre indígena mejor porque es hermosa.”


  1.      Ana Tijoux – “Anti Patriarca” (Video)

“No submisa ni obediente. Mujer fuerte y surgiente. Independiente y valiente. Romper las cadenas de lo indiferente. No pasiva ni oprimida. Mujer linda que da vida. Emancipada en atutonomia. Anti patriarca y alegria.”

  1.  Oshun- “Gyenyame” (Video)

I am the love and I am the beauty. Protection of a mother but sometimes I can get moody. Especially when my children forget that there’s work to be done . Ignoring the truth of the Supreme One

Your greed and irreverence has dried me out. Rebel or prepare for eternal drought.


  1.  Oshun – “#” (Video)

“They got us praising their flag and we praising white Jesus. I praise my Allegiance. The season for grievance. And silence and credence. And faith and prestige. Ignorance for convenience. It’s over. I’m done keeping my composure. It’s time to get loud. I said fuck what I’m allowed! Fuck making them proud!”



  1.  Gabylonia – “Abuso de Poder” (Video)

Ya Basta. Respeten a los cuidanos. Somos humanos que ustedes tratan como gusanos.”


  1.  Gabylonia – “Tirano” (Video)

“Y si ellos no tienen cajones yo si tengo mis ovarios.”


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  1.  Otep – “Confrontation” (Video)

 My religion of resistance. Challenging everything. Radicals and dissonance of creativity. We are the children of the siege you hide in this rich man’s war where the poor just die.”


  1.  Otep – “Rise, Rebel, Resist” (Video)

“Do we sit still?. Under Attack. Or do we start pushing back? Rise. Rebel. Resist. Make a fist. Resist!”

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