La Boquisabrosa

Hello food lovers,Welcome to my blog about local restaurants, food festivals, and anything related to Latino food in Los Angeles!  My name is Maria, and I am UCLA student and food enthusiast.  Los Angeles is the epicenter of the biggest population of Latinos outside of Latin America.  With this said, I felt the need to write a blog about food that remains us of our culture and exposes us to other cultures in Latin America.  My blog will feature cheap-eats restaurants and, occasionally, fancier restaurants to celebrate birthdays, acing midterms, or late-night munchies after partying.  I will also feature food sales and festivals in around UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area.  I use the term boquisabrosa to sign off each blog, a street term in Mexico and Columbia for a person who loves food.   I will leave you with a bit of food for thought: me dijeron los antepasados, la comida es essencial para la vida. Y tu, que dices?

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Con amor, la boquisabrosa,


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