My Imagined Rendezvous With Julian Casablancas

Jan 8, 2009

So he said to me before the end, “well what can I say, unlocking life’s mysteries is the responsibility of the dissatisfied”

I have this thing for rugged guys with leather jackets who have hair that teases the eye, barely touching what is the contour of a shoulder, that wear shiny black boots that turn themselves to spears at their front end, existing for the purpose of piercing out the eyeballs of careless children here and there (as in the left and the right eye sockets respectively or interchangeably). From New York City preferably, signs of alcoholism maybe, it’s the worthless bonus that comes with the ultra package, like the worthless wipe samples we get ALWAYS poorly attached. (Make sure this reference to always pads is made more obvious somehow). They sing passionately and smoke although I wish they didn’t. Deep, raspy yet smooth voices: First box checked. They sing, they weren’t thought to sing though. No lessons. Naturals. Some propose these guys were singing in the womb to the beat of the pulsating viscera. They don’t have soul they are soul and they are creators of soul and fuel soul into the soul of the world. Please don’t be shy, trust that this world is loosing its soul as you read. Whatever you’re thinking is exactly right, no doubt, hang in there. They sing all the way to hell in purple baskets they just go go go go go go go go leaving their words behind for soul searching fiends to follow, leaving their Phrazes For The Young behind for soul searching fiends to swallow, leaving their Phrazes For The Young behind because the young are the future and the world is shallow and hallow (whichever rhymes better I guess is good).

Jan 4, 2009

Note: Alas my thoughts found the words I sought. Time 12:51. Thanks Julian

Verses in gratitude to Casablancas: for ALL your Phrazes

I thought I thought I could not stand but I do

Sit in the tree and hang from the branch and the bar and I could

Go you know go to the movie grab some grub at the burger place

Chewing once and twice choo choo choo chewing away and I will always

Go go go go go go go go like the strokes

They re my favorite band of

Gypsies that steel your soul away I wish

I could but I thought I could and I can’t

Or I couldn’t? Maybe if I try again

Ill win?

But I tried and that time showed me I can’t win

Like the strokes they’re my favorite band of gypsies

Cus they’re jingles are sweet and long they go on they just

Go go go go go go go go like the strokes because it feels good to keep going sometimes when the song’s

really good and

it gots lots of soul away I wish I could steel yours

But I tried one more time and I didn’t get it

You see

I said I can’t win like the strokes

And I should probably stop trying my luck like the strokes cus I talk way too much like the strokes and that’s why maybe last night like the strokes you asked me is this it? Like the strokes and I told you to be patient with me Cus it’s hard to explain like the strokes but I guess that in this age, in the modern age like the strokes you just have to deal with life as it comes, just take it or leave it like the strokes just take it or leave and go go go go go go go go go

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