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institutionalized molding

A system that was historically intended to mold you into another factory worker. A system that humiliates you by forcing you to implicitly re-enact the murder of your ancestors every November… by dressing you up as the Indian or the Pilgrim. Or by making you rebuild what your ancestors built years ago to later be […]

El Rock en Español y Portugués!

Five songs from Latin American rock bands (and one of their colonizing countries, *cough* Spain *cough*) that everyone needs to know. Because who says Latin@s can’t rock out!? 1. La Célula que explota by Caifanes Nopales and Saul Hernandez’s hair blowing in the wind… perfect combination.   2. Lamento Boliviano by Enanitos Verdes Enanitos Verdes offers […]

Academia is Getting Hard

Intellectual masturbation. I first heard this phrase from a student who spoke at a demonstration against police brutality at Meyerhoff Park in UCLA. The student who spoke these words expressed that the gathering would only be productive if the work against these injustices committed on People of Color continued outside that immediate space.  He described […]

Hole in the Wall: Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez, originally from East Palo Alto, recently moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his educational and artistic goals.  He studies Sociology at Santa Monica Community College and hopes to transfer into the University of California, Los Angeles. Jorge developed a deeper appreciation for education after leaving high school, as one of his songs […]

Dia de los Muertos at Grand Park, Los Angeles

On November 1, 2014 Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles hosted a free Dia de los Muertos celebration, with live music, art and food!  An entire space was dedicated for the display of various community altars, with participating organizations such as Inner-City Struggle.  Some performances included Los Angeles-based band, La Chamba and from Colombia, Palenke […]

October 22 National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

On October 22, 2014,  the Stop Mass Incarceration Network from Southern California led a march against police brutality from Olympic and Broadway to the Los Angeles Police Department in Downtown Los Angeles.  The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is a project of the Alliance for Global Justice and is a registered non-profit organization.  However, the origin of the […]