Resistance and Solidarity: Reimaging Jaguar Symbolism in Latin America

Throughout history, the literature world has been heavily…

The Cheech: A Tribute to Chicano Culture

This past summer, I had the privilege to visit The Cheech…

Our Latinx Student-Athletes: Alyssa Garcia

Courtesy of the UCLA Softball Media Team - Vinny Lavalsiti Representing…

Capturing the Brown Experience Through Photography

A Profile on Latina Photographer, Andrea Flores Demonstrated…

Yellow Filter

During quarantine I took up watching at least one new movie a…

Latinx Punks

The punk rock scene and its Latinx influence has greatly…
title image of Nuextroscolores and Vintage.Inspired

Brought To You by Small Business

Proudly representing their culture and identity while excelling at contributing billions to the US economy, small Latinx-owned businesses are booming.
illustration of Raini Rodriguez and "Rosa" (aka Adam Martinez)

The Evolution of Memes

As Latinxs, there are many stereotypes and generalizations…
illustration of horror symbols

Latinx Representation in Literature and Cinema

UCLA offers a handful of classes that center on Latinx authors and their experience. In a Chicanx literature class, students read about five different novels.