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What If?

What if you create a utopia in your mind? Free from the…

The Pink House

  I want to paint an image of my childhood home.  Hoping…

the past is in the past

  i look to the past  far too much,  this i know i…

A Case for Television

A dream I’ve kept under wraps, for the sake of not falling…

Nature: In Series

illustration of Raini Rodriguez and "Rosa" (aka Adam Martinez)

The Evolution of Memes

As Latinxs, there are many stereotypes and generalizations…
illustration of people with hair on their bodies

A hairy girl’s lament

All of my life I’ve been a hairy girl My arms? Covered! My…
illustration of 4 different nature scenes with writing over them

i am, i am not

i am not the drowning voices...


I am not...