Highlights of the UCLA’s Protest on the Recent Racial Incidents on UC Campuses

The recent incidents at the universities were: swastika sign in UC Davis, vandalizated LGBT center in UC Davis, “Compton Cookout” Fraternity Party in UC San Diego, noose founded in Library in UC San Diego, replicated noose with graffiti founded in UC Santa Cruz, “Tijuana Sunrise” and “ZBTahiti” fraternities party at UC Los Angeles. These incidents lead students to protest for diversity. Students block side paths of bruinwalk, in order to have students walk in the middle of the of the pathway aligned with different students, protesting for diversity in the University. The demands for the university Protest advocated for a diversity general requirement in which students will have a course that focus on identities and communities, other then their own ethnicity. They advocated to maintain admission and enrollment of the underrepresented groups. Chanting “UC, UC, can’t you see there is no one that looks like me!” This protest was held by Afrikan Student Union, American Indian Student Association, Asian Pacific Coalition, Mecha de UCLA, Muslim Student Association, Pacific Islands Student Association, Queer Alliance, Samahang Pilipino and Vietnamese Student Union.

Footage by Maria Renteria

UCLA Protest on the Racial Incidents on UC campuses from LaGente.org on Vimeo.

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