Poetry Contest Winner: 3rd Place

“California” By Ramon Sanchez

Why don’t you run away with me.

We’ll fly away tonight

And live beside the sea

In California.

You’ll love the clean and breezy air,

And flowing traffic ev’rywhere.

Run away with me to California.

I’ll show you where to pan for gold.

Get rich in just one day,

Retire before your old.

In California.

We’ll buy a house, the cheapest pick,

Inflate the price and sell it quick.

Come away with me to California.

The grizzly bears will let you scratch their ears.

The mountain lions will let you take their photograph.

And if you wave at whales they’ll flip their tails.

The movie stars will ask you for your autograph.

And ev’rywhere we go the sun will shine.

‘Cause back in California you’ll be mine.

Just picture us beside a pool.

We’ll have to make the scene

‘Cause ev’ryone is cool

In California.

The summers there are not too dry,

The politicians never lie,

And lovers there say love will never die

‘Cause that’s what life is like in California.

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