Winter 2010 Poetry Contest Honorable Mention

I’m coming from where

A bus and a train will get you there

You’re where

No gas in the tank – I’m not going there

Where do we meet?

I’m three hours ahead – The city that never sleeps

You’re three hours behind – Snow you’ll never see

Where do we meet?

Between the Hellas and the Fo Shos

I need my Son, Feel Me, Word to Mutha and

That’s Wassup. You like to hear Coffee, Quarter and

Of Course. I like the sound of Finna and No Worries

It’s always different when we speak

Where do we meet?

I’m coming from where

Jamaica meets Church Ave

You resting where

Mexico meets Home Depot

I’m jumping up and whining to Dance Hall

You twirling and stepping to Salsa

The beat never misleads the feet

So, maybe in the middle of a track

We can meet.

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