Princess with Purpose

For those who are looking for a princess that your daughter, sister, niece or yourself, can praise more for her ethical principles than her appearance, the Guardian Princesses Alliance offers a handful of princesses that provide an alternative paradigm to the Disney Princess market.

By focusing on teaching young children about current global issues and how to approach them through a nonviolent philosophy, the writers of a princess series hope to bring together an alternative perspective on what a princess should look and act like. In hopes that they can fundraise money and get some feedback from the community prior to the publication of the first series, Ashanti McMillon and Setsu Shigematsu gave a lecture discussing and promoting their organization, The Guardian Alliance, this past Sunday November 17th at Cal Poly Pomona.

image2The authors of the series that will contain three books are still working on the logistics of the publication, but anyone interested in pre-purchasing, finding out more about the parables or becoming a member can check out their official webpage at

image3The community of scholars, professors, teachers, and parents demonstrated good reception to the books and its strategy in offering a different market for parents and girls ages 2-13 that want a princess to emulate or who share cultural identities and values that resemble theirs.