Stand-up for Gays

Comedians at last Wednesday's Punk House comedy show at the Westside Comedy Theatre used superficial topics such as Facebook, Twilight, vagazzling (yes, that is a portmanteau for bedazzling one's vagina), and even a particularly austere audience member to get viewers to laugh. So, when budding Mexican-American comedian Manuel Zermeno focused his performance on his gay identity, he immediately stood out.

Not Just One of the Herd

When describing the process of making a successful project, Humberto Hinojosa Oscáriz says, “Lo que gana, es la historia." This could not be truer for his terrific film, Oveja Negra (Black Sheep). Set in Mexico, this film is an incredibly realistic portrayal of friendship, dreams, and class relationships.

Hermano Kicks-off Latino Film Festival

Hollywood’s Grauman Chinese Theater hosted Latino talent and supporters for the opening night of the 14th Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF). While much of this talent is unknown in the United States, this festival features exceptional new stories created by or created about Latinos that would otherwise not be.