Chicano Studies Research Center Holds Annual Open House

The event this year was dedicated to Chon Noriega the director of the CSRC in celebration of his 50th birthday, and 10th year as director.

My Finals Craving

What do students do best in Finals Week? Two things: find ways to procrastinate and eat.

Father Boyle, “the Ghandi of the Gangs”

Father Gregory Boyle came to speak at UCLA about the founding of Homeboy Industries.

Writings on the Wall: Piecing together graffiti art and culture

From park benches to art galleries, graffiti has moved into the mainstream, but along the way has cultivated risk, fame and controversy.

Restaurant Review: Juquila

La Boquisabrosa reviews a located Mexican Oaxaqueña restaurant Juquila on Santa Monica Blvd.

September: ¡No MEGusta!

Despite spending, Whitman just shortchanged herself.

Stand-up for Gays

Comedians at last Wednesday's Punk House comedy show at the Westside Comedy Theatre used superficial topics such as Facebook, Twilight, vagazzling (yes, that is a portmanteau for bedazzling one's vagina), and even a particularly austere audience member to get viewers to laugh. So, when budding Mexican-American comedian Manuel Zermeno focused his performance on his gay identity, he immediately stood out.

Poetry Contest Winner: 3rd Place

Third Place: Ramon Sanchez (Los Angeles, CA)

Poetry Contest Winner: 2nd Place

Second Place: Ashley M. Esprio (Los Angeles, CA)

Winter 2010 Poetry Contest Winner

First place: Salvador Ramirez (Chicago, IL)