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Aprendizaje en la vida real

El Departamento de Español y Portugués de la UCLA ofrece opciones diferentes para practicar el idioma.

Father Boyle, “the Ghandi of the Gangs”

Father Gregory Boyle came to speak at UCLA about the founding of Homeboy Industries.

Writings on the Wall: Piecing together graffiti art and culture

From park benches to art galleries, graffiti has moved into the mainstream, but along the way has cultivated risk, fame and controversy.

An Ignored Truth…

Another wave of immigrants supplies our cheap labor like many groups of agricultural workers in our nation's past.

Free Money With a Little Effort

There’s an easier out of flipping burgers, and it’s called scholarships. FREE money.

Join La Gente Newsmagazine!

There are many opportunities available at La Gente, including writing, blogging, photography, design, illustration, social media, and multimedia.

The Path to Citizenship: If the DREAM Act passes, undocumented hopefuls must decide between enrollment or enlistment

Can you imagine paying $20,000 or more for your tuition without…

Center supports urban youth through self-empowerment and education

From the outside, Chuco’s Justice Center (CJC) appears much…

Denied the Right to Vote

LA Peruvian Consulate fails to provide voting services

Latino LGBTQ groups seek to educate and advocate for the community

Honor Political Action Committee (PAC) and Honor Fund were…