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Mexican Strike-Out

[CW: mentions of suicidal ideation and the adverse impact…

Caught in a Loop: An Appropriation of Hoops

Gold, silver, large, small, tassels, and decorations: hoop…

Lil Foo Coffee: Culture, Coffee, South Central Pride

Frankie Martinez, a trans non-binary Latinx male, born and…

Capturing the Brown Experience Through Photography

A Profile on Latina Photographer, Andrea Flores Demonstrated…

Diversify Our Narrative: Social Activism in the Digital Age

When I was in the tenth grade, my Honors English teacher…
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Altering the Standard

In a capitalist society, companies adopt differing values to distinguish and establish themselves within niche communities. The fashion industry is no exception—leading some companies to prioritize uniqueness, quality, and net profit. 
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Brought To You by Small Business

Proudly representing their culture and identity while excelling at contributing billions to the US economy, small Latinx-owned businesses are booming.