Night of Cultura

Last time they impressed an audience, they left them wanting more. This year, they are back and are trying to bring something bigger to the stage! UCLA’s Night of Cultura holds auditions and prepares for their performance of the year!

Night of Cultura is an “organization that strives to create a yearly theatre, dance, and music production that unites and empowers the Chicano/a and Latino/a community on campus,” as their constitution states. Each year, they attempt to not only entertain their audience, but also open their eyes to various issues that are important to the Latino community. Issues such as politics, gender, nationality, and history are present in their yearly productions.

Their first production in 2004 was a great success, and so was every following one. However, in 2008, because of the lack of funding their productions came to a halt. This changed in 2011, when several students decided to bring back the club. After realizing the success of their production, they decided to keep their yearly production going.


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