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Increasing Visibility: The DNC’s Decision To Prioritize Unions

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced Wednesday morning that UCLA would no longer host the sixth Democratic debate. The debate was previously scheduled to occur in Royce Hall on December 19, 2019. 
November 7, 2019/by Angela Vargas
image of Jasper Bones before his performance in Royce Hall

Escaping la ‘Oscuridad’ with Jasper Bones

Along with new, up-and-coming Latinx artists hitting the charts, Jasper Bones has made his presence known with raw, funky, and wavy soul tracks.
October 2, 2019/by Melissa Diaz

The United States’ Nativist Tone is Neither New nor Unique

A moderated forum over progressive border policy hosted at the Hammer Museum (co-presented with Univision 34 Los Angeles) went over the current border issues of the US and Mexico
April 20, 2019/by Israel Cedillo

Representation in One Day at a Time

The reboot of "One Day at a Time" on Netflix has taken the entertainment…
January 2, 2019/by Ashley Huendo

Documenting the Undocumented: The 2020 Census

The Census is meant to is meant to be a survey of the people who live in the United States, not just its citizens.
December 19, 2018/by Cristina Delgado

The Future of DACA Recipients in the Time of Trump

UCLA should offer more support to the undocumented community, students say.
November 20, 2018/by Melissa Diaz

Photographer George Rodriguez’s “Double Vision” Retrospective at The Lodge

Even before crossing over to The Lodge at 1024 N. Western Ave.,…
July 8, 2018/by Israel Cedillo


Mexico is currently facing the most violent year in history -…
June 9, 2018/by Alondra Castanon
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