Father Boyle, “the Ghandi of the Gangs”

Father Gregory Boyle came to speak at UCLA about the founding of Homeboy Industries.

Confessions of a Muslim Latina

How one Latina found a new life by merging two worlds.

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UCLA Protest for Equal Education

Students walked out to protest against increasing fee hikes, budget cuts, equal quality education for all Students and no to furlough day for UC workers

The Value of Education: Crisis in the Budget

The quarter has been bittersweet for José, the AB 540 freshman. Although attending his dream school, he finds himself in a world of financial insecurity. Like thousands across California, he knows that the UC Regents meeting on Nov. 18-19 will impact his future. If the Regents raise fees yet again, this time by 32%, his dream of becoming a doctor will prove more difficult.

The End of Public Education

Early last summer, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) proposed the Public School Choice plan which will relinquish LAUSD administrative and financial control of over 200 schools. Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines released a statement on Jan. 15 in which he stressed that LAUSD is "encouraging input from all community members who support [their] public schools including parents, guardians, students, teachers and other LAUSD employees."

In Response to the UC Fee Increase

From his cell, Ibarra recognizes the UC Regents poor choices and California's misaligned priorities in spending, encouraging us to continue taking action against legislators with our power as a voting block. His letter demonstrates a reaction sought by students involved in the protest against UC fee hikes.

First Day of UC Protest against Fees Increase

Students from all of the University of California system, came together to protest the tuition hikes and fee increase The UC Regents passed Nov. 19. The footage was filmed Nov. 18, before the decision was made and showcases the willpower of the students.

Repainting History at the Los Angeles River

Now that the Great Wall is losing its brilliant colors, Judy Baca brings new and past muralists - including UCLA students - to restore what is now part of the history of Los Angeles.

Mariachi and More: Mariachi Uclatán

The legacy of Mariachi Uclatlán is deeply rooted in the cultural history of UCLA and is currently under the artistic direction of Jesus “Chuy” Guzman, Grammy-Award winning artistic director of the renowned Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano.