US-Mexico Relations

The Love/Hate Relationship between Two Neighbors

As if it were taboo, US-Mexico relations were discussed today without a mention of the oh-so dirty topic of immigration. After watching President Obama and President Calderon’s press conference this week, immigration reform didn’t seem quite pressing enough for either of them to address.

They did manage to talk – first and foremost – about the situation in Libya and the death of an ICE agent in Mexico (okay, these were important to discuss). But of all the things to bring up, why did they spend any time at all on the National Football League’s (NFL) labor dispute?

Is football really more important than addressing our broken immigration system?

Hmm…once again immigration reform takes a back seat to other pressing, or not-so pressing, issues. It’s look like two neighbors trying to remain friendly, while knowing that their two teenagers are dating. They have to talk about other current events to avoid taking about their childrens’ relationship:

Father A: “How about them Packers, Tom?’
Father B: “Great team, but I was kind of rooting for the Steelers.”

an awkward silence

Father A: “So Tom…Angela tells me T.J. is taking her out for a ride in your new Cadillac?”
Father B: “…Uhh…Yeah. I’m just hoping he doesn’t treat her how he treats his own car.”

another moment of awkward silence

One of them should bring up the issue. I mean, Rage says, “It has to start somewhere; it has to start some time. What better place than here? What better time than now?”

Both men are going to have to deal with the certainty that their children are (hush hush) intermingling. But isn’t that the melting pot society we came to live in? I mean, shouldn’t all immigrants have the opportunity to achieve the “American Dream.” We all contribute to the greatness of this country.

The US-Mexico relationship will continue to be dysfunctional so long as our leaders continue to disregard what is best for both countries: comprehensive immigration reform.

Without it immigrants will continue to be mistreated and exploited, while US citizens will continue to feel like they are being used for their privileges.

So what kind of advice would you give our two fathers/leaders here? Should they continue to disregard their children’s relationship? or should they get over the uncomfortable silence and talk about the future generations?

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