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San Diego Mobilizes in Solidarity with Palestine

San Diego is known for being a more pacific and less hectic region than Los Angeles. However, a group of San Diegan activists were ready to politically shake up the region. During the past weeks, there have been more than five pro-Palestinian rallies and other organizational efforts in San Diego with the purpose of showing […]

The L.A. community mobilizes against Monsanto

On May 24th Los Angeles residents marched against Monsanto, a multinational agricultural and chemical company. Among their main grievances towards the company was the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as food products and the continual resistance from Monsanto to allow GMO products to be labeled as such. Protestors started to gather at 10 A.M. […]

A seminar with Dr. Noam Chomsky, “Father of Modern Linguistics”

On Friday, March 14th at UCLA’s Neuroscience Research Building a large audience warmly received Dr. Noam Chomsky. IMED Seminars hosts a series of seminars, bringing prominent people from academic, science, and political spheres. On March 14th, they brought the MIT professor known as the “Father of Modern Linguistics,” a political dissident commentator, and a social activist. […]