In Response to the UC Fee Increase

December 3, 2009

Dear La Gente,

I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health and spirits hechandoles ganas a su lucha. I’m writing in solidarity with you all. While I was in the Secure Housing Unit you reached out with your newsmag and made us all proud of the path you’re on and the love for our people. I was outraged at the choices that were taken by the UC Regents to increase student fees. And most of all by the lack of support for your protest by elected officials. The mayor loves the camera yet when it matters he’s nowhere to be seen. There’s no justification for not standing with people like Gloria Molina in the Assembly and others in Senate. These democrates with raza surnames take us for granted. You are the future. “Remember to Remember” – let’em know that too. There are thousands of you across the state network let’em know you’ll see them at the ballot box. How can they guarantee a prison cell but not a college education – the true equalizer in this world. Moral cowards, they want to keep the club at the top exclusive to the families with money and disenfranchize the rest. You only lose when you quit puro pa’delante! Keep your head up always with dignity of our ancesters, and for all the lil’ ones who look up to you for makin’ it to college, you gotta persevere for them most of all. Hechenle ganas like your jefes, jefas and abuelitos taught you!


Armando Ibarra

Editors’ Note:

A prisoner in the California Correctional Institution, Armando Ibbara is part of La Gente’s Prisoner Letter Program which provides information about present-day issues affecting Latinos, either through our newsmagazine or donated books. La Gente also provides a space for the prisoners’ opinions and creativity through the Sigan Luchando section currently in our print newsmagazine and upcoming in

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