Arizona’s SB1070: National trend? 25 states look at similar legislation

A report released by an immigrant rights group determines that 25 states could attempt to pass the same type of laws as Arizona’s controversial SB1070.

Earlier this spring, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill into law but it was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge and is currently up for appeal before the US Ninth Circuit Court.

Like the Arizona law, the new trend of lawmaking will require local law enforcement officers to check for immigration status during routine stops.

The report also states that from 2006 to 2008 towns passed local laws punishing employers for hiring illegal immigrants. Arizona is still waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on the state’s 2007 employer-sanctions law.

States may be swayed by the court’s decision on SB1070. Finances may influence lawmakers as more court battles and immigration arrests begin to cost the state. The private prison industry will profit off Arizona’s case. NPR recently reported that the private prison industry was behind the creation and lobbying of the SB1070 law, as co-sponsors of the bill received money from the private prison industry or its lobbyists.

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