Kelloggs Serves a Bowl of Racial Justice

In May, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, founded in 1930 by the breakfast cereal trailblazer, announced that it is dedicating $75 million to organizations nation-wide devoted to righting the effects of racial inequalities on poor children.

“Our goal is to breathe life back into the effort to abolish structural racism, and to help America achieve strength and prosperity through racial equity,” says Sterling K. Speirn, the president and CEO of the foundation.

This philanthropic program, named the America Healing initiative, will distribute $14.6 million to 119 organizations within the program’s first of five years.

A group highlighted on the foundation’s website was Lifelink and their Beyond Cultural “Competency” project, which aims to develop “culturally appropriate approaches” to the mental and behavioral health needs of the Native American youth in areas of New Mexico.

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