Money Woes for Homeboys

A previously LA Gente-featured organization, Homeboy Industries, has also been reeling to stay afloat amidst extreme financial hardships.

On May 14, Father Gregory Boyle, the founder of the organization, lamentably announced the laying off of 300 employees, including all senior staff and administrators.

Since its inception, Homeboy Industries has enjoyed great success, as well as high praise, in its work rehabilitating gang members and training them for jobs; however, the money needed to sustain its burden has proven elusive.

The organization attributes the hardship to the flailing economy, as private donations are extremely low and as there are fewer jobs for graduates of Homeboy’s programs.

Father Boyle also explains that they receive little money from public funds, as the local government has focused on intervention programs that reduce violence amongst current gang members.

In response to being asked if he was optimistic for the future, Boyle is quoted as responding, “Hope comes from the soul; optimism comes from observable evidence. And this place is soaked with hope.”

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