Restaurant Review: Gloria’s Café

A popular place to get your Latin Fusion is Gloria’s Café.  Gloria’s Café, a fusion of Mexican and Salvadorian cuisine, was pretty packed the Sunday afternoon I visited.

I ordered the homemade guacamole, as a starter.  It was creamy, as guacamole should be, but I disappointed at the size–it appeared to be just a scoop. For $4, that seems unfair.

Pupusas filled with pork and cheese

My main course was two pupusas revueltas, and two Mexican tamales.  I loved the enormous pupusas, which were about  5 inches in diameter. The pupusas revueltas were made of a corn masa (dough) filled with pork and cheese. The buttery crunchy texture of the dough complimented the cheesy, soft, meaty center.

Chicken with red salsa filled Tamales

However, the Mexican chicken tamales were dry. The red salsa had no flavor and did not provide enough juiciness. The chicken was arid, and it even overwhelmed the dryness of the holey masa.  When I think of Mexican chicken tamales, green sauce usually pops up, but they served the tamales with red salsa, which cut my cravings for it.

I invited a guest, to critique Gloria’s Café.  Susana Figueroa, a 4th-year international development studies student, is too familiar with the restaurant business, having working about seven years in multiple position such as waitress to kitchen aid.

She ordered the Salvadorian Plato Tipico.  This dish is served with one pupusa, yuca frita (fried yucca plant root), chicarron (fried pork rinds), curtido (pickled cabbage salad), platanos (fried bananas), rice and black beans.

Plato Tipico serve one pupusa, yucca frita , chicaron, curtido, platoons, rice and black beans.

La Boquisabrosa: “What did you like about the plate?”

Susana: “I like that it had a huge variety of food, and I like that I didn’t have to order a extra side of platanos, because it came with it.”

LB: “Do you like the plate?”
S: “Yes, I really like the plate.”
LB: “I know that you are half-Salvadorian.  Was the plate true to Salvadorian roots, or did [restaurant] play with it, since it is a fusion restaurant?”
S: “The [menu] said it was typical Salvadorian…[it] was true to what I’ve grown up with, the platanos, the pupusas, the beans, were all normal. And the yucca–that I’ve never tried before–was a good first time. It was really good.”
LB: “So do you recommend people to going there for a true Salvadorian plate?”

S: “Yes.”

Overall, my guest and I agree that Gloria’s Café is a delectable place for Salvadorian food and not so yummy on the Mexican side dishes.

Rating: $: Comida Cómodo

Gloria’s Café Website

Con Amor, la boquisabrosa,


P.S.  I am in the quest to find the perfectly yummy and true Salvadorian restaurant and any Latino or Latino-inspired restaurant.  If you know of a place, please feel to email me at [email protected]

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